Richard Woodward, PhD (President and CEO)

Dr. Woodward has over 35 years of experience in the biotech, pharma, specialty chemical and medical device industries.  He has served as both VP, Marketing & Sales and VP, Preclinical Development in early-stage companies, and has been involved with over a dozen early stage and start-up companies.  Most recently he was Co-founder, President and COO of Vascular Magnetics, a cardiovascular device company that raised $7 million in venture capital funding.

Paul Stauffer, MSEE, CCE (Founding Scientist)

Professor Stauffer is Director of Thermal Oncology Physics at Thomas Jefferson University.  He has held similar positions as Director of Hyperthermia Physics and Engineering at UCSF (1983-2006) and Duke University (2006-13).  Paul pioneered the use of induction heating of implanted ferromagnetic seeds in 1979, and was the Medical Physicist involved in clinical evaluation of the technique in the 1980s.  He was also lead Medical Physicist in the randomized clinical trial of Glioblastoma that demonstrated a doubling of 2-year survival by adding interstitial heat to existing best available therapy.  He has worked continuously since 1979 in the development and clinical implementation of improved technology for Hyperthermia therapy of cancer.  He has been President (2007) and Finance Chair (2003-present) of the Society of Thermal Medicine.  He has over 220 publications and 9 issued patents and is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Hyperthermia.

Michael Gibbs, BS, MCIM (VP and CBO)

Mr. Gibbs has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.  He has served in a number of VP level roles at AstraZeneca, including running the US breast and prostate cancer franchise and acting as Global Commercial Head for Neuroscience.  Most recently he was CEO of Cylenta Pharmaceuticals, where he secured investment for the preclinical development of a novel peptide therapeutic for multiple sclerosis.